I've always decorated my envelopes, but lately I've been doing a whole bunch more envelopes and thought I'd share. If you would like an envelope lettered or decorated for someone special, I'd be happy to create one for you. Prices mentioned are approx and only to give you an idea of my price range. Enjoy

I now accept Pay Pal. Shipping of envelopes is approx $1.25 per envelope within Canada and $2.00 to the United States.

Please click on the images to enlarge and to get a description of how I created it.

The Elegant Earth Contest Envelopes To Crafty Dozen 2021 The Elegant Earth Contest - part 2
n/a Price: $10.00 N/A
The Elegant Earth Contest Envelopes To Crafty Dozen 2021 Envelope Thea, Kerri, Tara & Renate Feb/14
n/a Price: $10.00 Price: N/A
Envelope Ron BD/10 Envelope Marcel BD/10 Envelope Challenge gg designs May/10 Charlotte
Price: $10.00 Price: $10.00 Price: $10.00
VSN Dec09 - Envelope/Mail - Year of the Tiger VSN Dec09 - Envelope/Mail -Floral Moe June/2009
Price: $10.00 Price: $15.00 Price: $15.00
Ron June/09 Marcel June/09 Grunvald's June/2009
Price: $15.00 Price: $10.00 Price: $25.00
Opaque Envelope Exchange Loretta July/08 Opaque Envelope Exchange Sandy July/08 Opaque Envelope Exchange  Nadine July/2008
Price: $15.00 Price: $25.00 Price: $25.00
   EnvShelly  Env0508_MichaelM
Cody /08 Shelly June/08 Decorated Envelope Exchange 2008
Price: $25.00 Price: $25.00 This is a gallery of envelopes being traded throughout the year



Stay tuned for more Calligraphy/Envelopes in the future.

Or if you'd like to see some of my other Calligraphy work please click on the link below.
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