I put out a world wide call in November, for artistic people to start a decorated envelope exchange for 2008. I got a nice response. We're a group of 33 people that will be exchanging envelopes throughout the year. I'm looking forward to getting one from each of the participants. The envelopes below are what I made for each person. Enjoy

Please click on the images to enlarge and to get a description of how I created it.

      Gloria B Nov/08
Brian C Nov/08 Bernice S Nov/08 Sharon F Oct/08 Collene K Oct/08
Kathie M Sept/08 Barb G Sept/08 Rudolph G Aug/08 Ruth M Aug/08
Nelda H Aug/08 Rebecca O C July/08 Minnie K July/08 Marg L July/08
 Env0608_LaVounM  Env0608_MarshaV  Env0608_MiekeB Env0508_MichaelM
LaVounM June/08 MarshaV June/08 MiekeB June/08 MichaelM May/08
Env0508_KariV Env0508_FranS Env0408_NadineR Env0408_CherylB
KariV May/08 FranS May/08 NadineR Apr/08 CherylB Apr/08
Env0408_RobertS Env0308_MaureenP Env0308_JoanG Env0308_CarolW
RobertS Apr/08 MaureenP Mar/08 JoanG Mar/08 CarolW Mar/08
Env0208_Heather Env0208_AnnieF Env0108_RuthC Env0108_LimorF
HeatherH Feb/08 AnnieF Feb/08 RuthC Jan/08 LimorF Jan/08
Env1207_LaurieS Env1207_MaggieA Env1207_Vera ThanxVera
LaurieS Dec/07 MaggieA Dec/07 VeraP Dec/07 Zentangles - Thanx ATC's

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Stay tuned for more Calligraphy/Envelopes in the future.

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