Yogi's Decorated Envelope Exchange 2008 "Env0408_RobertS"


Size: 5" h x 7" w

For the label/nameplate I used a dark brown Canson MiTientes cardstock. I used Moon Palace Sumi ink and an empty Parallel Pen for dipping. When the ink was dry I went over it with a Sakura Gold Rose gel pen.

Note the gel pen leaves a different color of gold depending on the type of black ink used. I tried the black cartridge that comes with the Parallel pens and it was just a a plain gold color whereas with the Sumi ink which is a water resistant ink, it left behind the rose tint in the gold color. I also found out by trial and error that Bleed Proof white ink flakes excessively. So I had to cut my brown cardstock down and mount it to the light colored cardstock. I used a Bazzill monochromatic cardstock for  the light brown and the main envelope's Yam color.

These stamps came in a larger type booklet form with the bottles as some of the backgrounds. I cut them out, cutting off the bottom section to created the illusion of a whole bottle. They even had the same adhesive as the postage stamps.


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