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Yogi's Journal Round Robin 2008 Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to a Journal Round Robin I started with my Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild members and a few other friends. Below you will find what I have done in my journal and what I will be doing in other friend's journals. We are a group of 10 artists, who will all be expected to do 1 spread per month, so that hopefully we will be finished before Xmas 2008. 

I've put a next link at the bottom of each page so that you don't have to come back here each time to see the next pics.

Please click on the images to enlarge.

Passions08_Cover Passions08_P1Intro Passions08_SignIn Passions08_Zentangles
Passions08 - Cover Passions08 - P1Intro Passions08 - Sign In Passions08 - Zentangles
Passions08_Mushrooms Passions08_Frog JRR_Lorraine_BeadedCircle JRR_AnneT_P1
Passions08 - Mushrooms Passions08 - Frog Lorraine's Journal
Anne T's Journal
JRR_Lynda_P6 JRR_Kathie_LeftSideP6 JRR_VeraL JRR_FranS_DFly
Lynda's Journal
Kathie's Journal
"Women's Wisdom"
Vera's Journal
"Butterflies are Free"
Fran's Journal
"Art Quotes & Art Critters"
No  More!!
Sandra's Journal
Donna's Journal
Anne A's Journal
"Creative Journey"

Stay tuned for more Journals in the future.

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