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Crafts: Celtic Knotwork

This gallery is dedicated to my experiments and art related to the Celtic Knot

 Please note all prices are in Canadian funds.

Celtic Key Pattern - Alphabet Celtic Key Pattern - Z-  Zees & Shades Of Brown Celtic Key Knot Pattern - Booklet

Celtic Key Pattern - A & E - AEHousman Celtic Key Pattern - B-  Blue Bird Celtic Key Pattern - S - Frame

Celtic Interlock - Doodled Celtic - What Fills The Eye Celtic Alphabet - Bound

Doodled - Celtic Knot Square Happy Valentine - Gold & Pink Celtic Hearts - Happy Valentine

Doodled - Celtic Knot Design Celtic Coloring Technique Circle - 6 Trefoil & Celtic Weave - Blue & Pink

Circle - 6 Trefoil & Celtic Weave - Colored Triquetra & Circle Border - Red &  Gold Triquetra - Trinity Knot Blue & Green

4 Linked Trefoils - Graphite Celtic Alphabet P1 & P2 Celtic Spiral Blue Green

Celtic - Twisted String Circle - Imperfect Celtic Woven Strings - Crystals Celtic - Six Triangle Knots - Tulips - Bloom

Celtic - Six Triangle Knots - Tulips Celtic Circle - Individual Triangle Knots Triangle Break - Star On Black - Star  Light

Celtic Circle Border - May You Live Triangle Breaks - Simplify - Ha Ha Celtic Squares _ Enjoy Your Day

Celtic Circle Border - May You Live Thank You & Env - Gail Fornier Celtic Knot Frame - Bejeweled

Celtic T Knot Frame - Happiness Celtic Z Knot Frame - No Matter Celtic T Knot Frame - Believe


Celtic Knot Border - Always Remember Celtic Knotwork - Spring Celtic Knotwork study


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