ID: Celtic Knotwork Experiment

Created: February 26, 2023

My Guild BVCG hosted Nancy Hays Hills teaching us basic Celtic Knotwork. It was a fun evening.

There were a couple questions about creating one with a continuous line... you know me, I had to experiment. BIG GRIN

I will continue the experiment but wanted to put down what I've learned so far.

These are all created the same except the bottom right one which has a larger bottom border.

All of the ones with odd totals created 2 separate strings. (example top left has 9 dots across and 8 down giving a total of 17 = 2 strings)

The next column has even totals giving a 4 string border.

the 3rd column upper 2 right side was an experiment to see if having the same numbers but one in portrait mode and the other landscape mode would make a difference... only the pattern changes a bit.

The bottom right has a 5point border all around and a 7point bottom border and creates 3 strings.

A PDF of a dot template I created  which I use on my light pad or you could use the page as is as a worksheet HERE


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