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This gallery is dedicated to my love of Calligraphy. The artwork below is a direct result of  joining the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild and taking several workshops with well renowned calligraphers.

The artwork is priced in CDN funds. Shipping, handling and applicable GST & HST for Canadian residents is extra.
Should you want more information, or to place an order please send me an e-mail

NOTE: Image sizes include mat unless otherwise specified which is usually a 1-1/2 to 2" border.

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Cadel "F" HB Rhett Pencil Work Booklet Sigh Sept Is Almost Gone
Cadel "F" HB Rhett Pencil Work Booklet Colored Pencil - Block By Block (Sept 6/23)
w/c Floral- Every Moment
(Sept 6/23)
Bister - B Nib Joy
(Sept 6/23)
Bister Stripes - Two Roads Diverged (Sept 6/23)
Bister - Jean
(Sept 6/23)
WC Stones_ Benjamin Franklin
(Sept 3/23)
Rainbow WC Border - Love
Bister - Be Bold & Be Happy
(Aug 30/23)
Bister - Be Bold _step by step
(Aug 30/23)
BVCG Galleria Sept 2023 - Collage - Sticks And Stones
Triangle Break - Star On Black - Star Light Celtic Star Frame - Star Light Triangle Break Frame - Simplify - Ha Ha
2 pen Writing - Art 2 pen Writing - Test Triangle Brush Floral Wreath - Every Flower
Flourishing On Black - Flourish Triangle Brush Floral Wreath - Hello My Friend Triangle Brush Floral Wreath - Smell The Flowers
Brusho - Mere Color Calligraphy within a circle W/C Lines - Fine Line
Brusho Letters - Destiny Believe on Grey Env & Card Nancy Hannemann
Doodle Circle - It's Impossible TG Lettering Challenge 2023 - Bound W/C - Abstract Grid - Strength
Celtic Square - Enjoy Your Day Stitch Lettering - From The Manner w/c Hello
Onion Skin Binding - Humorous quotes more - Funky Brush Lettering Funky Brush Lettering
BVCG Galleria - Bugs - 
99 Little Bugs
BVCG Galleria - Bugs - 
It Should Work
BVCG Galleria - Bugs - 
Never Allow
Brush Lettering - Cold Snow Ugh Celtic Border - Slainte Funky - You Only Live Once
Brush Lettering - Love & Chocolate Pointed Pen Funnies - Taking Naps Brush Lettering - Sarcasm
Pointed Pen Uncial Exemplar ECS - Brush Lettering Class - Amy Bollano (Feb 1/23) Funky - Liesbet Zeep
Circle Art - Sarcasm BVCG - Words In Circle Pangram- Xylophone
Fabriano WC Bkgr'd - Vision Is The Art Monoline - I'd Agree With You TMT - Florals - I Will Be The Gladest
Lettering Exemplar Poster Scribbled Lives 2023 TG Lettering Challenge 2023
Share The Memories Foundational - Pizza Of My Heart Foundational - May The Forest
Blackletter - Don't Tell Secrets Sarcasm - If You Don't Want You Only Live Once
see artwork prior January 2023 click the image above

Stay tuned for more Calligraphy in the future.

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