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Yalpha Mingle 2008:

This is the third year of monthly mingles, but this year we'll concentrate on the letters of the English alphabet. Each mingle page will have the main letter at least 3" in height and then everything else will deal with that letter, be it quotes, poems, rubber stamping etc.

Each page is 4.5" wide x 4" high (1/2" is used for binding the pages). Since this is the beginning I'm not quite sure how I will be binding it yet.

The pages below are what I made for other participants in the mingle.

Enjoy browsing

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Letter: H
Due date: Feb 11/09 

Letter: P
Due date: Jan 14/09 

Letter: Q
Due date: Dec 10/08

Letter: F
Due date: Nov 12/08

Letter: E
Due date: Oct 8/08

Letter: W
Due date: Sept 10/08 


Letter: B
Due date: Aug 13/08 

Letter: L
Due date: July 9/08 

Letter: R
Due date: July 9/08 

Letter: D
Due date: June 11/08 





Letter: C
Due date: May 14/08 

Letter: M
Due date: April 9/08 

Letter: 0
Due date: April 9/08 

Letter: G
Due date: March 12/08 

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