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This started as a Byhand yahoo Group monthly trading swap. But since I make more ATC's using the theme for that month than I trade with the group, the overspill goes to my face to face group. So I figured put them all into this gallery. Easier to find. Enjoy

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Theme: Halloween or the color of Aqua/Turquoise Oct 08

Theme: Tea/Coffee or the color of Fall Sept 08

Theme: Fashion or Analogous Color Scheme Aug 08

Theme: Your Muse again & Color: Monochromatic July 08


Theme: Complimentary Colors & Celestial
June 08

Theme: Wherever your Muse takes you
May 08

Theme: Time & color Pink
April 08

Theme: Floral & color Yellow
March 08

Theme: Travel Posters or Color Green
Feb 2008

Theme: Valentines or color Copper
Jan 2008

Theme: Africa & Xmas or color Gold/Silver
Dec 2007

Theme: Food & color Violet
Nov 2007

Theme: Egypt, Indigo or Halloween
ber 2007

Theme: Oriental & Color Blue

Theme: Sea Life & Color Green
August 2007

Theme: Music & color Yellow
July 2007

Theme: "Letter of Alphabet"
June 2007

Theme: "ArtDeco"
June 2007

Theme: "Red Letter Day"
Thank You gift
May 2007

Theme: Color Red &
Faeries/Elves & Wizards

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