These ATC's were made to thank the players who contributed to the FIRST -  By Hand Group - ATC A Month swap in May 2007

I never realized what Red Letter Day meant, so I looked it up in Wikipedia and decided it was so appropriate for this first swap. I printed out the definition on white cardstock. Just to let you know, this was a challenge, because using a laser printer on value pack cardstock is a very very No No. The ink just didn't dry properly and was easily wiped off or smudged. So I had to paste another paper copy of the text on some of these (sorry). Or a couple are a little faded, before I got around to fixing the ink. 

All of these ATC's have a bit of Red Foil leaf as part of the decoration. Most have some glitter. Other areas include watercolor pencils moved around to fade out the color, and various gel pen. I mounted it onto red cardstock, half of them on an orangey red and the other half on a dark red. That little portion of a circle on the right side holds the flap closed for the text inside.

PS I said I would be using my Kersal Caps add nauseum, well this is the first installment. :-)

Red Letter Day - Anne

Red Letter Day_Anne

Red Letter Day - Beth

Red Letter Day_Beth

Red Letter Day - Carmen

Red Letter Day_Carmen

Red Letter Day - Dennis

Red Letter Day_Dennis

Red Letter Day - Donna

Red Letter Day_Donna

Red Letter Day - Jacey

Red Letter Day_Jacey

Red Letter Day - Joanne

Red Letter Day_Joanne

Red Letter Day - Judy

Red Letter Day_Judy

Red Letter Day - Linda

Red Letter Day_Linda

Red Letter Day - Therese

Red Letter Day_Therese

Red Letter Day - Inside

Red Letter Day_Inside

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