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ATC A Month Theme: Floral or Color Yellow

The theme for March 2008 is Flower or the color Yellow. I love flowers and definitely went overboard with this month's theme, but they will also get traded at my face to face session  Enjoy

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Helpful Hint: Something I thought I'd pass along to you. I know some of the calligraphic sentiments are fragile and a little difficult to sometimes align just the way you want. What I found helps is after picking the Peel Off from the sheet (I use an x-acto blade), I let about a quarter of the edge fall on a thin see thru ruler. (I don't press it down, but just gently make sure it is kind of sticking to the ruler) I pick up the ruler and place it over the area I want my sticker to be. Once it is aligned where I want, I press down on the three quarter section of the sticker that's not attached to the ruler, and while keeping my finger on the stuck down area, I carefully tilt and lift the ruler to remove that quarter section stuck to it, then press it down on my artwork. Voila. A perfectly aligned sentiment that you didn't have to lift and move and lift and move and lift and move, because something stuck where it shouldn't, before you got it just right...

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"Floral Misc" (5 pics)

"Peel Offs Berries" (4 pics)

"Peel Offs Sakura" (4 pics)

"Peel Offs Squares" (6 pics)

"Paper Cast" (4 pics)

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