Napkin Art (May 2008)

Created: May 17, 2008

Modified: June 1, 2008

I picked up a package of small beautiful elephant themed napkins (Paper Design made in Germany) at my favorite craft store. All six of these ATC's are made from one napkin. There are 10 in a package, so I can make a whole pile more... I love the colors and brightness of them They are just so much fun.

I usually glued the elephants to a piece of cardstock, using my glue stick, before cutting them out. The border designs were usually glued directly to my ATC background. I added a touch of glitter on each one, either with a 2 way glue pen and loose glitter or with some Stickles. The lettering is all done with a  micron pen


ID: Napkin _ Elephant Donne

Words: Nature's great masterpiece an elephant; the only harmless great thing. John Donne


ID: Napkin _ Elephant Shoes


ID: Napkin _ Elephant Lincoln (unavailable)

Words: When you have an elephant by the hind legs & he wants to run away, it's best to let him run. Abraham Lincoln


ID: Napkin _ Elephant Horton

I meant what I said, & I said what I meant. An elephant's word is 100%. Horton hears a who


ID: Napkin _ Elephant Coward (unavailable)

I have a memory like an elephant. In fact elephants often consult me. Noel Coward


ID: Napkin _ Elephant Fontenelle

A true philosopher is like an elephant; He never puts the second foot down until the first is solidly in place. Fontenelle


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