Anything Musical or the color Yellow were the themes for July 2007. Many of mine combined the themes.

ID: Bunny Hop (unavailable)


ID: Daffodils (unavailable)


ID: Flat Foot (unavailable)

The bunny is from some address labels sent out by the Telus Phone company. Never knew that I would finally use it, but it was something that went into my can't throw out pile. LOL

I've always like this poem, so I thought it was appropriate for the color yellow.

When I was searching the net for musical ideas, this one jumped out at me. Love the title.


ID: Each Flower (unavailable)

ATCSwap_EachFlowerInside1 ATCSwap_JungleMoon1

ID: Jungle Moon (unavailable)

I used my circle heart punch and wrote my quote. The flap covers a piece of my handmade marbled paper. see next pic.

I had a couple of monkey charms that I didn't know what to do with. So there was another net search. Quite a few really interesting monkey songs. The palm tree on the right has sections cut into it to hold the flap of the moon closed. The song is written under it.


ID: Laughter (unavailable)


ID: Music (unavailable)


ID: Shoe People (unavailable)

I used another piece of my marbled paper which I felt had such a nice bursting feeling to it. It combined the yellow and the music themes. Quote is a rubber stamp

Something else that was in the don't throw away pile. From one of those mobile companies, it had these little CD album pictures. So I cut them up and lay them down in a grid pattern. Added some sticker musical instruments. I wrote the individual letters  for the word "MUSIC" in the blank grids, then colored them in with colored pencils. Very graphic.

I have these beautiful shoe stickers. So there was another net search. Came across this song and said Yeah I can feel my toes uncurl. I wrote it on a piece of my marbled paper. Again both themes used.


ID: Textured Dreams


ID: The Monkees (unavailable)


ID: Time (unavailable)

At the end of my session I had the urge to make something very textural. So I pulled out my silver electrical tape and ran it through my crimping gadget. Added funky fibers, did a bit of machine sewing and added some beads. Wrote in the words "Textured Dreams"

Here's another one of my monkey charms and another of the phone company stickers (actually 2 stickers stuck on top of each other). I'm getting a chuckle out of the ear bugs I'm getting while writing these blurbs.

Under the clock is the name of the band who did this song. Rolling Stones 1964


ID: Take Time Butterflies

I used one of Suzanne's (Quietfire Design) rubber stamps (the rest of the quote reads "little joys of the season") and replaced some of the words with "Butterflies" hand stamped using alphabet stamp set and multi colored stamp pad, then outlining the letters with my white ink mixture. Used a butterfly Peel Off on a piece of my marbled paper and then cut around the edges. I like the whimsy of this one.

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