More Than Just Caps - Roman's Exemplar

Created: March 6, 2011


A thought came to me in the demo on Day 1, when we were using the graphite - and I thought to myself - this is a great anti static and would work wonderfully with thermal embossing. So I went home and did a couple samples.

That little design on the left top is a guide for the width of some of the letters. So easy...

We know what our full square letters are: C D G O & Q

W is 2 V's put together. Real easy. 2 lines are parallel to each other.

M is a V with crutches. They don't go as wide as the W. No lines are parallel

Then we have the ones that fit in that diagram. Draw an O in a square. Draw an X corner to corner (red pen). Now draw vertical lines at the intersections of the circle and X marks (green pen). Now the width of the green lines are for all these letters. just look at what they spell and you should be able to remember them BIG GRIN

T H A N K   U  then you also have V X Y Z

And all the rest of the letters are basically 1/2 square wide:

B E F I (well and I is just an I), J L P R S

Hope this helps you de-mystify Romans a bit.

I used a 3 x 3 block square.


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