More Than Just Caps - Day 2

Created: March 6, 2011

PS don't look too closely at the words/quotes I'm using, they're strictly random thoughts and sometimes not too intelligent. Big Grin.

A thought came to me in the demo on Day 1, when we were using the graphite - and I thought to myself - this is a great anti static and would work wonderfully with thermal embossing. So I went home and did a couple samples.

I used a cut out from a Spellbinders die as my template and sponged on Pan Pastels in browns and greys. Then wrote my letters with a Papermate Eraseable pen, then embossed with Queen's Gold. The one on the right I also started accenting with a chalk pastel pencil.

First the exercise was to write our words and tilt them so no to lines were parallel to each other. Then we had to put some heavy lines on some of the letters. (now this could have been a secret code word with the way I did mine...).


I was just playing with my multi colored pencil

This sample was an exercise of writing the words and putting in some larger letters. The sample was more on the horizontal, but I also wanted to put some of  my letters extending downward and upward as well. It was a bit too plain for me, then I added the rectangle of sponged chalks. Looks better in real life.

I've never done this technique although I've seen it a lot. It works a piece from light to dense. The further spaced the letters are, the lighter the piece will be. The closer the letters are, the denser the look. So we started out with writing our letters far apart. Then the next layer was a bit closer, and the third layer was closer still. I did the 3 layers Blue, green and then burgundy. I then added the orange colored pencil down through some of the letters. I then added some very small letters in orange and finally added some red dots.

Some of the samples were glorious with walnut ink running through the letters.

Something else was adding serifs on the Romans done with a broad edged pen. Many calligraphers draw in their serifs. I tried doing them as part of the calligraphy stroke. It was a fun exercise.

Something else I played with and that's another Spellbinders design, on black paper with light grey Pan pastels. Then Sumi ink in a broad edge pen, then touched with a yellow colored pencil.

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