Neuland & other things with Carrie March 14 & 15, 2009

All these pieces are works in progress and all done during the classes. So bare with me.... I can assure you, there's a lot of practice still required to get anywhere near the calibre I want to be at. BIG GRIN

Created: March 21, 2009

Neuland exemplar - is usually an upper case hand (lower case "Carrioka" designed by Carrie)

Done with Stimudent attached to a tongue depressor and Pelikan 4001 inks. I really like this tool.


We also decorated paper to make covers for a perpetual calendar. We used a Speedball foam roller wrapped with elastic bands. apply paint onto a flat palette and run the roller through it without mixing the colors to mud... then apply to your paper in various directions. I used Daniel Smith watercolors in Burnt Orange, an Antique gold & a Sepia along with some Twinkles H2o's, then sprinkled some Gold powder over some of the colors. When my covers and things were folded, I punched out some flowers from some decorated papers I had lying around. Attached them with mini brads. or some glue and a half pearl bead.  

Perpetual Calendar covers

Sample of some lettering I was trying using Pan Pastels and a suede pen, rubbing the pastels to blurr, then going over it with a parallel pen. Still have to do the months on each calendar page.


Cover Detail

 The inside section that will hold the calendar pages was covered with paper towels I had colored with Twinkles H2o's (whenever I clean my Twinkles brushes on paper towels, I keep them to layer onto other things as backgrounds). I also used a Spellbinders Nestabilities Scalloped circle to punch out the circles.


The covers flip so that 6 months of calendar pages are visible at any time. Simple, no glue required, accordion folded holder.


Carrie wrote the words Mon Ami on the board using the letters at right. She didn't give any other parts of the letters. I like the look of it so much, I went home and created this exemplar. I did have trouble with some of the ascenders and descenders, and will work on them some more, but so far I like what I created. It's done on an extreme slant and a very wide edge of your pen. Need lots of room to write your words.

We also played around with various mark making on our letters to add a funkiness to them. Right up my alley.

The word adventure was done in individual boxes of various shapes. We had to fill the box with our letter. Some were tall and narrow, others were squished, or a triangle etc.

I love the scratched lines to form the trunk of the R or I (upper right hand corner) also the horizontal scratch marks to make a different "I". The fan shape to make "O's or the bowls of "d's & b's".

holding the pen Carrie Style

There is no pressure of the pointer finger on the pen handle. The pressure is only on the middle finger and the thumb. Sometimes the ring finger is also used.

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