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I took a four day workshop with Carrie Imai in March 2009. The first two day class dealt with the Neuland hand. The second two day class dealt with Bib Bad Bone lettering. Even though I've taken both styles of lettering before, these were just fabulous classes. Maybe my mind at this stage in my calligraphic career was more open and receptive, I don't know, but whatever, I just learnt soooo much from Carrie. Loved both of them. Fabulous instructor, with a wealth of knowledge and love of sharing.

The holding and manipulation of the pen was an eye opener. But once the concept and actually holding the pen that way was grasped, there was a definite amount of freedom. Now to keep practicing and not falling back into the old habits. Carrie holds her pen with the tips of her middle and thumb, using the pointer finger and baby finger from preventing the pen to loose control, while resting a small portion of the side of her hand close to her wrist for support. (see pic in Neuland class page) Sounds weird, but works. we have a tendency to allow our pen to fall into the crease of our finger joints which inhibits free 180 rotation of the pen.

We also learnt how to prepare our pens, and to make sure ink stays on the full width of the nib by always putting a drop of Gum Arabic on the nib and wiping it down. What a difference. And from a Letter Arts Review article we experimented with using an extremely fine jewellers saw to cut a minute channel in our folded automatic pens so the ink flows better and allows us to do flourishing on the corners. I've also had a lot of problems doing flourishing, but somehow they were just forming this weekend. I usually started a flourish with the back edge of the pen, but Carrie said to do them with the front edge. Did make a difference.

Edmonton Calligraphy Society had a ZOOM class with Carrie on December 1, 2021. She taught us her Carrieoka style lettering. Fun evening

Please click on the images to go to the artwork I did from that class.

Big Bad Bone class Neuland class
Carrieoka Style lettering (Dec 1/21) Neuland class

Stay tuned for more Calligraphy in the future.

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