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Original Watercolors:"Floral"


These watercolors are sold with an appropriate acid free mat or double mat. Frames are sold separately.

Prices marked are in Candian funds. Prices do not include GST or shipping costs.

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Brusho & W/C Florals

Triangle Brush Florals

Bister Floral (Sept 6/23)

Brusho & W/C Florals

Triangle Brush Florals

Blue Flowers WC - Let The Beauty

Day 9 - Potted Plants - Enjoy Your Day (Mar 2022)

Day 6 - Painted Floral Jug (Mar 2022)

Floral Card (Feb 2022)

Mindful Floralsh

Triangle Brush - Hollyhocks - Hello

Triangle Brush - Ginkgo - Hello

Aug/21 - Day 9 - Thanks A Bunch

Aug/21 - Day 8 - Hollyhocks

Aug/21 -Day 6 - Wildflowers

Pink toned blossoms on branch
Aug/21 - Day 6 Begonia Maculata

Aug/21 - Whimsical Painting - Bloom

Aug/21 -Day 4 - Sunflower




Pink toned blossoms on branch
Mat included:  $150.00
Framed: $200.00

Close up of a white Gerber
Double Mat included: $250.00
Framed: $300.00

White water lily on a background of leaves
Double Mat included: $250.00
Framed: $300.00

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