ID: Tea Bag - Xmas Tree Center Piece
9.25"h x 8.5"w x 2.75"deep

Created: December 5, 2010

I recently went to a tea bag folding demo with Sharon Reinhart over at Paper pastimes. Since then I've been having fun playing with various shapes. I've seen similar ideas for card fronts, but haven't come across one as a table center piece, so thought I'd create one. You can click HERE for the basic tea bag triangle folding instructions, or at the bottom of this web page. Love the way it turned out - and it's all made with only one basic shape.

I'm also using Quietfire Design rubber stamps - the small flourish and the snowflake.

Since this was more of an experiment and to use as a sample, rather than the actual center piece, I decided to use less expensive materials. The green paper is just basic colored photo copy paper which is not color fast... I only decorated one side of the tree, although when done completely it's viewable from both sides, which is one reason it makes a great center piece.

To begin, cut a bunch of squares - 2 of each size - from 1.5" to 8.5" in increments of 1". Each side of the tree has 8 squares.

Fold all of the squares as directions for Tea Bag Basic Triangle shape.

Cut a couple pieces of tracing paper or other scrap paper to use as a mask for stamping the flourishes. Place masks under the flaps, stamp the flourishes with Versafine Olympian Green, and clear emboss. Work one tea bag triangle at a time. When flourishes have all been stamped, stamp the snowflakes with Versafine Toffee and emboss with Queens Gold.

Assemble the tree. Put a dab of glue on the inside of the 2nd largest tea bag triangle. Place the largest triangle inside the opening and align the straight edges along the guidelines of a self healing cutting mat with a separating distance of about 1.5". Put a dab of glue on the 3rd largest tea bag triangle, place the 2nd tea bag triangle in the opening and align as above with a separating distance of about 1.25". The next two triangles will have a separating distance of about 1-1/8". the next 3 will have separating distances of approx 1", 3/4" & 1/2" respectively. (see spacing diagram HERE). Fold in bottom triangle legs s they don't interfere in the standing position.

Repeat with 2nd tree - tea bag triangles, using the back of the first tree as a guide for spacing each exactly, so when both trees are glued together they match up perfectly. Leave the top section a little loose to slip the ornament in later.


Rubber stamp using a speckle stamp of choice with Brilliance Silver (make sure it's very juicy), along the edges on each side and emboss with Ranger's White Embossing Puffs. You'll see the white puff up like snowflakes. As a final touch add Stickles red to the centers of the gold snowflakes. set aside to dry.

Make the tea bag top ornament. Cut 10 pieces of 1" square gold foil paper. Note: this is a beautiful paper for tea bag folding, but is totally unforgiving. So any wrong folds will be very visible - so take care.

Create 10 triangle shapes like the tree. Punch out a small 1/2" circle from some plain copy paper. Put some double sided tape on one side and start sticking the folded triangles, 5 for one side and 5 for the back side.

2nd triangle sits butted up to one side of the folded triangle legs. It creates a small v shape of the overlapping triangle points. See placement diagram HERE


When first side is done, turn over, place some double sided tape on the back side of circle and adhere the rest of the triangles, matching the placement to the first side. Then put a dab of glue in the triangle openings. Add a rhinestone on each side and adhere ornament between the two trees with some glue.


Click on image to go to directions for Basic Triangle/shape


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