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Anyone that knows me, knows I love Punches and dies and embossing folders. I had done some of these techniques a while back and thought in the back of my mind to try them with different punches... but as things go, that slipped my mind. Then a friend mentioned seeing something and wasn't sure how to do it. She said, she'd looked all over for what she had seen, but of course couldn't find it. It sounded like that something I had done a while back, so I did up one, sent her an image and she said - Yes - that's it. Well now my memory has been jogged I decided to finally get down and do the samplers. Plus I have way more punches than I did back then. Boy was this fun.

I'm sure you all have some border punches laying around in your drawers... Do you pull them out when you need to do a border and then put them back?? Or do you play with them?? Well this Nitty Gritty tutorial will give you a glimpse of some things you can do with these border punches to create a whole new repertoire of looks and maybe spark the imagination to go in other directions.

Sorry in this tutorial it's not about coloring, sponging and embossing, only punching...

Enjoy browsing and trying some of these samples

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Negative Punch Elements - flowers 





 EK Success Deep edger Slim Punches 

EK Success Slim Punches 

Martha Stewart Border Punches




 Martha Stewart Deep Edge Punches

Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Punches

The punching tutorial

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