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Click over an image to enlarge. Enjoy your tour into my private world where you'll see a ton of storage ideas to keep things neat and work surfaces ready for action. What you will see in these pics is organization, but don't look when I'm actually creating, then I brew a stormy mess. I always wear messy clothes because I invariably rub my hands on my clothes or spatter paint in the wrong direction. I'm a firm believer of "Out of Sight Out of Mind", so just about everything is in clear containers or on a shelf.

My main portion of the room is 8ft wide X 10ft long, then add on the cupboard/entry way portion which is another 30inches long (it's a pretty small room).



What you see as you enter my room

As you go further into the room... and some storage ideas

Looking back at the entry door



The transformation of a cupboard

Visual & Sliding storage

More paper storage ideas


Storage of my fabrics & yarns

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