This is my main shelving/storage wall. I used the wood from shelving units from Ikea and Wal-mart. Needless to say I didn't use their instructions. I custom built it to my size requirements. Then used MDF shelving from Home Depot.


The arrow points to the brass rod that I attached to my shelf using screw eyes and cup rings. I taped the ends of the rod so it wouldn't pullout of the screw eyes. I then used S hooks that slide along the rod so I can get to items on the shelf behind. I use plastic protector sheets for just about everything. I find them so handy. In this case they hold bits of paper, cardstock, misc. loose items, stickers etc. all stuff I would never find if I put them away.


A detail view (inset bottom right) of the S hooks and end of the rod.

#22 - Most of my containers are clear and all containers are labeled, but some even have drawings of what's inside.