ID: Ritz - Cutwork Thanks
4.25"w x 5.5"h

Created: June 6, 2009

Third card. This was to give us some experience with Peel Offs and removing the negative areas. Well I goofed... We were given this small piece of cardstock 2.5"w x 3.5"h and we should have put our leaf in approx the center portion of the rectangle. I accidently dropped my leaf and it stuck, tried to lift it off and a portion of my cardstock tore, and boy was I struggling for a couple minutes. Finally I let go... The black portion on the bottom edges, I cut off, then re-applied when I adhered my rectangle to the card. It became a design element. I added the small leaf to balance the larger leaf and use up some of the open space. I also left some of the black details in the Peel off
, so those pieces I would reattach wouldn't look out of place.

The background was done with two tones of green glitter. We were allowed to pick a cardstock for under our rectangle and then the main card. I didn't think the undercard would look so good on my card, so I opted for putting strips of thin tape down and using the dark green glitter I also used in the background. I'm happy with the results, considering it was a botched start. I will probably add a sentiment on the right side, starting within the rectangle and going into the cream card.



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