ID: Ritz - Cutwork Thanks
4.25"w x 5.5"h

Created: June 6, 2009

This was the second card we made. It was to give us an idea about adding punched out release paper and doing some cutwork.

We were given a piece of rectangular cardstock approx 5.5w x 2.5"h with tape on it. We were to lift of the release paper and punch out images on it, put the release paper back on the tape and then cut wavy or straight random type lines or patterns. Then selectively removing pieces to add glitter. I wasn't in a mood to punch out designs, so I cut out the word "thanks" in one of my funky style lettering directly on the tape. Then cut out very thin strips to mimic stained glass line patterns (or cracked effect).

The background was done with two tones of glitter, first did the upper area and then sprinkled randomly  in the bottom area of my card piece with gold, then sprinkled some copper, and burnished with my finger to blend the colors. I love using this technique, it just adds so much more depth.

My piece of cardstock was wider than my card, so I cut off pieces from both edges and used them as additional accents on the card.



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