Lynn Slevinsky Class - "Monoline Exemplars"

The Burgert Monoline: is a 1:2 ratio for ascenders and descenders versus the "x" height. Caps are the full height and wide. Very little inter linear space (space between one row and the next row of letters). Add a couple small, narrow spaced, diagonal strokes over some of the letters to add movement and interest.


The New Celtic Monoline: is a very thin and tall letter with lots of serifs. The height is 5 times it's width. Since there are no ascenders or descenders, interlinear space should be minimal.



I used gel Sakura Stardust gel pens and then moved the color around with water.

The Rennie Mackintosh: I love this alphabet. Those dots would be great with mini rhinestones or other embellishments, gel pens a dot of glitter etc.



I used colored pencils for this sample

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