Lynn Slevinsky Class - "Collage Cards"

Size: each card is 4.25"w x 5.5"h

Now most of you know how much I love doing collages - I'm being very sarcastic here... But I'm very pleased with the results.

We started off with a sheet of white cardstock and a bunch of collage images. Basically we drew lines to quarter the page and concentrated placing images within these areas making sure we kept heads within our boundaries. Everything else could overlap into the other quarters. Made things very easy. I used a couple stamp pads to color the edge area of my cardstock incase some images didn't cover completely. Most of my background was done with text images then my focal points and then added misc. stuff. Cut and trimmed the quarters and attached them to the cardstock. I colored the edges of two of them The yellow on the Sunflower card is colored pencils and the gold on the Bon Voyage card is a Krylon Gold leafing pen. Three of the cards also have gold brads in each corner.


ID: Collage Thoughts

I added the words In my thoughts on a piece of cream cardstock and adhered it to my card, then lay the transparent ribbon over it which i had tied a bow in before attaching to card, and glued it to the back of the collage image.


ID: Collage Love U

Created the small tag from white cardstock, using stamp pads to color it (a brownish and a green), added the "LoveU" Peel Off which is one of my Peel Off calligraphy designs under the label of "Elizabeth Craft Designs". Put in some glitter in the heart and gel pens in the squares.


ID: Collage Sunflower

The sunflower was totally cut out, a little tedious but effective. The words were done on a piece of white cardstock which I lightly colored with a yellow pencil, then used a Zig marker to do the lettering, coloring in some with a deeper yellow colored pencil. I also edged the collage with the bullet tip of my black marker.


ID: Collage Bon Voyage

Edged the collage again with a black marker. The words were written with the bullet point of a red Zig marker then shadowed with black, then dotted with a  Stardust Gold pen, then rubbed with a taupe chalk stamp pad..

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