ID: Xmas Window Star Ornament

Created: November 21, 2023

size: 4.5"sq

Another star type ornament..

I pulled out some iridescent paper from my stash... 

Cut 2 pieces 4.25"sq Folded in half diagonally, then the longest side folded in half and again the longest side folded in half. While everything is still folded (The open unfolded side to the right and closed folded section at the top), cut a triangular wedge from the open side (no folds) - for mine it was about 1/2" at the top folded area to the point of the triangle. Then cut 2 slits vertically about 3/8" apart to almost touching the folded top edge.

Glue the 2nd strip point to the center with a very small dot of glue. Do the other 3 strips.

Fold. cut and glue the 2nd piece of paper the same way. Place both pieces on top of each other (back to back) rotating one about 45 so the points lay in the center of the one below. Glue together at the center. Add a gem on both sides.



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