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This gallery is dedicated to some of the other crafts I do. 

 Please note all prices are in Canadian funds.


Abstract Floral Mandela

Misc Doodle & Dandelion Fluff

Doodled Square - Imagine


Doodle Floral - Sweet Dreams Doodle_Citrus_What Do U Like Doodled Abstract with Alpha


Lace 8 Point Design in Circle Lace 4 Point Design & Leaves Black & White Prism


Abstract Floral Mandela Falling Leaves Doodle  Doodling Segmented Design
(Jan 4, 2024)


It's A Rocky Life Doodle Zen Daisy (Sept 1/23)   Doodling Ginko Leaves 
(Sept 1/23)


Doodle - Fungi (Aug 30/23) Doodle Scribble - Lao Tzu
(Aug 30/23)
Doodling (Aug 24/23)  


Doodle - H
  (Aug 20/23)
Doodle Shebang
(Aug 20/23)
T2T Family
(Aug 20/23)  


Doodle - Ramble Tangle
  (Aug 14/23)
Doodle Mazorita Tangle
(Aug 14/23)
Doodled Multitude Of Blossoms
(Aug 14/23)  


Doodle Ribbon - Dream On
(Aug 14/23)
Doodled Circle Burst
(Aug 13/23)
Doodled - Abstract Line Blossom Circles
(Aug 13/23)  


Pen & Ink Bouquet Of Roses
  (Aug 7/23)
Doodled Coiled Shell
(Aug 7/23)
Doodled Capital R
(Aug 7/23)  


Doodled Capitals A & P
 (Aug 6/23)
Doodle Wooven Leaves
(Aug 6/23)
Doodle Patterns
(Aug 4/23)  


Doodle Word- Java - (Aug 4/23) Doodles - All
(Aug 2/23)
Doodled Monogram L
(Aug 3/23)  


Doodling - Aug 2 & 3/23 Doodling - Feathers
(July 29/23)
Doodling Abstract Flowers
(July 29/23)  


Doodle On Black - Daisies - July 28/23 Doodles On Black
(July 28/23)
Doodling Journal 


Doodled Circles - Keep Your Eye Doodled Abstract - Be Happy
(July 22/23)
Doodling Blocks (July 22/23)


Doodled Square Wavy Lines 
(July 22/23)
Doodled Weave Lines (July 22/23)  Doodling Spiral Petals (July 22/23)


Doodled - Abstract _July 20/23 Doodled - Floral _July 20/23  Doodling & Abstract (July 9/23)


Doodling July 5, 2023 Doodled Colorful Leaf Branch Triangle Brush Doodled Leaf Stem & Flower 


Doodling - July 2, 2023 HG & other Doodles June 26/23 Misc Doodles - June 26/23


Pen & Ink Doodling - June 25, 2023 Pen & Ink Doodling Sea Life & Feather Pen & Ink Doodling

Stay tuned for more Craft items in the future.

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