ID: Xmas Stars Geli Prints

Created: December 14, 2023

size: 6"w x 6"h

On Carol DuBosch's latest video with Heather Martinez, Carol created these type of stars with a single piece of paper folding it at each corner. Heather made some with individual pieces of paper. I tried it Carol's way but didn't really like the results, so did it Heather's way... much better. I like the points I get at the tips.

I used geli print scraps from my stash of odds and ends. I LOVE the multi colored one...

See below for diagram



Finished size 6"w: 

Cut strips approx 7"w x 1" h. Fold strip in half and burnish well. Adhere 1 strip into another, placing strip on diagram and trim the end to create the point, put a dab of glue on one side. Add your next strip, trim the end and make sure your strip is alternating under/over your strips. (Look at finished stars above). Continue placing strips, trimming end and ensuring you're either going under or over with the strip. Glue all the points on the backside. Add a string if wanted... some brads or other decorative elements. Have fun.


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