ID: Xmas Ball Ornaments

Created: November 9, 2023

I've been getting a lot of paper crafting images on Instagram and decided to play a bit... 

The upper left image is from 
IG: giftwrappinglove

The lower right image is from

Honeycomb ornament
size: approx 2.5"w

Using 65# cardstock (white and a 2 toned pink scrapbook paper).

Cut 10 circles of white and 10 of pink 2.5" dia. I Used a Spellbinder's Nestabilities Standard Circles Large.

Since I used a 2 sided cardstock for one of my 10 circles I alternated the colors when assembling.

Fold all circles in half. Arrange in the order you will be gluing. Glue half of one circle to the half of the next circle. Repeat till all are glued together.

Now is the tricky part...
Alternate gluing a small line on the top of one folded half, press together to adhere then on the next section glue at the bottom folded half. Alternate gluing at the top of one and then the bottom of the next to get the honeycomb look.

String a thread through the center adding beads or knots to prevent string from slipping out. Adhere with a glue gun.


Christmas ornament
size: approx 2.75"w

Using 65# white cardstock adhered sticky glitter sheets in 2 colors. Cut 18 strips (9 of each color) approximately 3.5" long x 1/4"w. Cut a pointed end to both ends so there is less bulk when gluing down.

The center column is a cardboard cylinder made from  the glittered scraps approx 1.75" tall and about 10cm dia. with a top on both ends to adhere the strips to.

Adhere your strips to the bottom end spacing as best you can. Adhere a larger circle from the glitter cardstock.

Repeat to the top end. (as you can see mine are not spaced quite evenly...). Adhere another large circle. I forgot to put a hole and thread through that 1st circle so had to add the 2nd circle on top of it... I also used a glue gun in this area.


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