ID: Paper Star Ornaments

Created: November 9, 2023

I've been getting a lot of paper crafting images on Instagram and decided to play a bit... 
IG: easy_crafts.official

Glitter Star Ornament (8 points)
size: approx 2.25"w

Using Bogus Recycled Sketch Paper.

Cut 8 squares 2.5" each. Fold in half point to point. Fold the left and right points to the half crease creating a pointed triangle shape. Fold down the small triangle (a). Fold the left and right points to the center fold (b). Put a small dab of glue to these points on the inner side and adhere to the triangle from (a). Make sure not to let glue go anywhere else.

Continue with other 7 pieces of paper. When all are assembled glue one to the other on the little glued outside triangle from (b)

Adhere a string for hanging. I punched a small hole very near the edge of 2 of the star points and added a bead to hold it closed. It can still be folded closed as a thick triangle to put away. 


Geli Print Star Ornament (6 points)
size: approx 5.5"w

Using Columbia Mills End Paper geli printed. Cut 6 squares 4" each square.


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