ID: Paper Snowflake Parchment

Created: November 9, 2023

size: 5.5"sq

I've been getting a lot of paper crafting images on Instagram and decided to play a bit... This one was on 

Using parchment style paper and adding a gem to the center.

Cut a piece of paper (rectangular). Mine was 8.5 x 11". Accordion fold in half, each half in half until you have 16 folds. 

Open the folds. Fold in half horizontally (you have 8 folds showing) then fold vertically. Place a pencil dot at the mid point of the 4th fold line from the folded edge, then at about the 1/4 point from the top edge on the 6th fold and then at the half point on the edge of the last fold. Cut through all layers from the top of the folded edge to your 1st pencil point at the 1/2 mark on the 4th score line, then to the 1/4 point point ad then to the outside edge.

Open completely and refold accordion style and fold that in half. Repeat with 3 more of these accordions. Adhere one half edge to the next accordion at the small half edge. Repeat till all four accordions are adhered.

Add a decorative gem or bauble and a hanging string. 

I just knotted a piece of string and adhered it to the inside of the tall fold line.




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