ID: Impossible Box - Altered Scoring For Lid

Created: April 17, 2023
Size: Closed 2.5"sq x 3.5"h
         Opens to: 5"h

After making this structure as per the diagram I thought I'd make one that opened from the bottom as well making it a useful box... You can see the first one I made HERE  and the altered Box HERE

Then someone asked how to make the lid a bit bigger so it would work with heavier cardstock etc... We thought we would have to use a 2nd piece of cardstock... I mulled it over and came out with a slightly offset scoring for the upper and lower portions as well as decreasing the width of the tabs.

My sides definitely don't cave in now.

The structure is created from a single piece of 8.5" x 11" paper. 

What I have found so far is the size of your score marks can make an amazing difference. I'm using my bone folder (which is thicker than the one supplied with the Martha Stewart scoring board which I don't like). Just being off by 1/16" can make the difference between a squeezed fit and a good fit...

I also push the cover in place to glue my tab. You can get a little give that way too.

You'll notice in both images my sides don't sag into themselves because of a too tight lid...

Diagram with altered dimensions etc is below.


Made from 110# Staples cardstock geli printed. The lid was covered with a thin geli printed paper. Calligraphy with an Arteza Purple Metallic gel pen in Lynn Slevinsky's funky lettering. 

Words: Splish splash you make me laugh.


top, bottom closed and close of lid


Made from 65# Staples cardstock. Rollagraph dots using Distress Pad "Ground Espresso". Calligraphy with a 3.8 Parallel pen and Sumi ink.

Words: Espreso yourself (and as you can see I spelt espresso wrong... now you know it's mine...)


top, bottom closed and open

PS folding same as all the others. You may have trim a touch the the point of the left side triangle.
Remember there is an off set to the vertical score lines. It changes at the bottom edge of the triangles.


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