ID: Impossible Box

Created: April 14, 2023
Size: Closed 2.5"sq x 2.3"h
         Opens to: 4.7"h

A friend sent me a diagram for this box structure that really intrigued me... Not very useful but really fun... The diagram didn't have any instructions other than indications of sizes, fold/cut lines. So it took me a bit of time to realize how the top was folded... So I've updated the diagram to include M & V folds. See below for more info on making one.

I used my heavier Elephant hide paper. I really like this one and wish I had bought more... Live and learn.

The structure is created from a single piece of 8.5" x 11" paper. I added text on all 4 sides of the cover area using a Unibal Signo black gel pen.
Words: I'm not impossible I'm a miracle

open and looking inside


Top view when box is closed

Score all your lines and cut away where indicated.

Fold as indicated with valley and mountain folds showing on RIGHT side of your paper. That's important or it won't fold properly...

You'll notice that the top 1.25" piece will fold down overlapping half of the triangle cutout to create the lid.

sorry for some of the upside down letters...


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