ID: Altered Shoe - Winter's Fairydust
Size 7 1/2 shoe with 3" heel

Created: August, 2011

I was asked by a friend if I'd like to participate in an altered shoe exhibit. It's not something I usually do, but for some reason I said I was game...  I haven't worn high heel shoes in over fourteen years, but I still have a bunch of them in my closet. Just can't seem to throw them away. Reminiscent of bygone days.

So it started out as a fabric multi colored shoe.


I gave the shoe a couple coats of Rheotech white gesso, both inside and outside and on the sole. Then I smeared self adhesive beads  Pearl by Fashion Beadz all over the heel. allowed that to dry overnight.

Then smeared Liquitex glass beads all over the outside of the shoe, and while wet, sprinkled Ritz micro fine glitter Stardust. Allowed that to dry thoroughly.

While the beads were drying, I electronically cut several sizes and shapes of snowflakes from white cardstock, always making pairs to glue one to the back of another after decorating it, so it would have a finished look from both sides as well as adding strength. I also punched some smaller ones using Martha Stewart snowflake punch and Paper Shapers punches.

These are some of the decorative applications to them starting with Perfect Medium.

This big one used Stamp Barn Northern Lights and then an iridescent white glass half glob.

The big one below with the large star rhinestone was done with Stampendous Winter Wonderland.

The one on the back of the shoe was done with Judikins Psychedlic and then I added 3 sizes of silver half pearls to each prong and a multi  faceted rhinestone in the center.

All the small punched ones were done on decorated paper I made, smearing the white cardstock with a glue stick and then sprinkling with Ritz Micro fine glitter in Stardust, and Warm Highlights, letting it dry and then punching them.

Something I discovered was writing on vellum and then clear embossing it. Stamping on vellum takes forever to dry if it dries at all, so I usually give it a coat of clear embossing, so when I was using my Sumi ink, the thought went through my head to try embossing that, since the ink would stay wet for a long time, and it worked. It gave the ink a beautiful charcoal color rather than the black it is, which was great for this, not so harsh. I used a white pearlized vellum, so pretty.

Everything was adhered with Golden's Extra Heavy Gel Medium.


I made a template for the insert, wrote my words with my Sumi and pointed Nikko G nib on Genoa bond paper using my funky lettering style, then adhered it to the shoe.

The shoe is white, but I wanted to add just a touch of color, so some of the rhinestones are in a pale pink to rose tone.

I coated the sole with Lumiere pearl White, let dry, then added my particulars.

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