I took a four day workshop with Thomas Hoyer, from Germany, in May 2008. The first class was Introduction to Ruling Pen, then there were two half days, a morning class of Flourishing and an afternoon class of Watercolor Letters, then a two day class, Ruling Pens, Beyond the Rules. Fabulous. I had a lot of fun and I especially loved the watercolor letters and the second day of breaking the rules. Below are some samples of what I was working on in those classes. I do not consider any of these as finished pieces, but as warm up exercises and practice.

 WhiteOnBlack RoboticAlpha V
Working on black or dark paper Robotic W/C Misc
 Believe ABC2 FlourishG
W/C Words W/C Letters Flourishes

Stay tuned for more Calligraphy in the future.

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