I took a two day workshop with Barbara Close at the end of October 2007. WOW is all I can say. Another fabulous teacher, & a wonderful person. We did all our artwork on 4"h x 9"w pieces of paper so that we could create a little booklet of all the samples. I've divided the booklet into 2 links below. 

What I loved most was the new (for me) pointed pen nib called "Nikko G" - fabulous. I've been using the Hunt 22, 56 & 99 nibs as well as some others, and none can compare. I'm hooked on this nib. I hadn't realized there would be such a huge difference between these types of nibs. I now need to search and experiment with other nibs. Who knows what I will find. Then there was a technique using pastels, marking a torn piece of paper right at the edge and then swiping the pastel onto your artwork with a tissue. It gave such a beautiful ghost of color. Very etheral.

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PointedPen_Cover PointedPen_P9Faraway
First half of the book 2nd half of the book

Stay tuned for more Calligraphy in the future.

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