Barbara Close Class
Pointed Pen booklet Part 2


This is the second part of our booklet made in Barbara Close's class. I used a variety of different paper substrates such as, Arches 90lb hot press watercolour paper, Arches text Wove, Grumbacher's Pentalic paper, Paper Reflections Full Spectrum black cardstock (my favorite), black Value Pack cardstock, a few colours of Fabriano Ingres paper (black, green & blue), 110 lb white cardstock, 65lb cream and white cardstock and for the back cover/binding edge I used Stonehenge.

The white ink was Bleed Proof White mixed with some distilled water. The brown lettering was Pelikan 4001 "brown"; Caffeine was done with my parallel pen dipped in Pelikan 4001 "black"

I did most of the watercolour techniques using a Pelikan watercolour set I've had for about 30 years.

And several of the quotes many of you will probably recognize. My favorites.


ID: P8 Einstein

This was done on 65 lb cream cardstock. I masked off the rectangles (didn't do too good a job since there were leaks) and lay in my watercolours, while wet sprinkled sea salt. Let dry. I also used a bit more water than this paper liked, because I got some buckling. Then wrote in my text using a Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil #705. First time I've used one of these and they're very interesting. Used a damp tissue to alter my lettering slightly. 

words: anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Albert Einstein. 




ID: P9 Faraway

This was done on Spectrum then mounted to Value Pack cardstock. I used colored pencils in the "faraway" letters and toward the bottom edge. Used a krylon gold leafing pen to make a border. This is another that I really love.

words: To those who can DREAM there is no such place as faraway.


ID: P10 Alphabet Soup

I used 65lb white cardstock. The Ink Pencil and misted and blotted the lettering. Added stripes of colored pencils. (I had dropped some color on the edge, so I used the decorative lines to cover up the accident). 





ID: P11 Lincoln

This was done on blue Ingres paper. The lettering is very faint so it's hard to see in these images. I used a blue gouache with gold powder floating on top. For the 3 little squares, I did an abstract using watercolour lifting technique then just squiggles. Bordered them with a gold gel pen.



ID: P12 Scrunched

This was done on Text Wove. Barbara had such glorious artwork and backgrounds done with this technique. I've done it before, but as with most things it fell into the back of my memory. I am definitely going to be resurrecting it. I also love the look and feel, especially on text wove. My sample on the back page is done on 90lb hot press (not as supple). Not sure what else I will be doing with this one.

The rest of the students used their watercolour sampler sheet with pre marked boxes to glue their mini samples to. I decided to put them into my booklet, so I would always have them with my artwork as a reference. All the samples are done on Arches 90lb HP watercolour paper.

Far Left : Wet on Wet;

1st row Left to right: Lifting paint with a tissue; Plastic wrap on wet paint and left to dry; dabbing paint onto a sponge then pouncing;

2nd row left to right: Using a faux tool in wet paint; using a credit card, scraping & on its edge on wet paint; dropping Schmincke gold powder onto wet paint.


ID: Inside back cover - Samples 1

Far Right : Ink Pencil misted and dried.

1st row Left to right: Bubble wrap on wet paint and dried; sponging paint onto stencils and drywall tape; 3 dot flowers;

2nd row left to right: wetting & painting paper and scrunching; the same paper but with another layer of paint and scrunched again; sea salt dropped onto wet paint;


PointedPen_Samples2 2

ID: Back cover - Samples 2


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