Pointed Brush & Foundational with Kerri Forster
February & March 2018

Created: April 1, 2018

I've been taking classes with Kerri Foster. In October of 2017 it was Uncial (click HERE for that classes images). Feb of 2018 it was Pointed Brush Pen which is what the quote at left is done. In March of 2018 was Foundational. And in April I'll be taking an Italic class.

I love the format of these classes - 2 hours a week (every Wednesday evening). I gives you enough time to practice without getting over tired. Then it gives you enough time before the next class to do some at home and get critiqued when back in class.



I love using Pentel color brushes, in this case I used a turquoise and then flicked a pink over it. I'm no where near happy with my letterforms. They are still too stiff... The word Magic should be larger. One day...




Foundational: I like this type of letterform. While doing a particular letterform, I'm basically ok and keep to the correct formations, but when I veer off to another style like Italic of Uncial etc, I seem to get the letterforms mixed up. sigh.. I have to get an exemplar that has all 3 letterforms on one page so I can really see the differences and hopefully it would sink in to my brain... One day with this as well.

I'm working on Genoa Bond 25% cotton paper. I used a flat edge brush and a bright yellow watercolor. When dry went over it with I think a type of purple watercolor. I like the effect you get, the letters glow.

Minimum is just Parallel pen and Sumi ink.



Here I was just playing again... First with watercolors, when dry with a 6.0 Parallel pen and Sumi ink. The nib needed cleaning so gave a dry brush look. I rarely clean my pens. I love the results I get sometime...

The one below was also with the Parallel pen and then a white gel pen doodling.

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