Gemma Black - Retro Deco - On Black

Created: April 26, 2019

These pieces were done on Black cardstock (Strathmore Artagain) and are in no apparent sequence.


ID: Brown & Furry
Size: 5.5"w x 7.5"h

Lettering done with a Nikko G pointed pen nib and a mix of Copic Opaque White & water (my favorite of white inks...)

I missed a line of the quote, c'est la vie - wasn't that important to me and was running out of room anyway, so left it rather than do it again. I know I'm bad...

Words: The Caterpillar by Christina Rossetti
Brown & furry 
caterpillar in a hurry
take your walk
to the shady leaf
or stalk
may no toad spy you
may little birds
pass you by (the missed line - spin and die)
to live again
a butterfly


ID: A Rose By Any Other Name
Size: 7"w x 7"h

In our hand outs we were given a decor rose on black which looked like it was cut out... So drew one myself with a Zig bullet tip lack marker, scanned it at home, manipulated it in my photo editing program and then imported it to my Silhouette electronic cutter and cut from black misc cardstock. I cut 3 of them and use 2 in class. One spare for later.

The lettering done with the pointed pen nib and Kuretake Gansai Tambi "Starry Colors" set using "Yellow Gold".

Behind the cut out I adhered a piece of glossy photo paper decorated with Ranger Alcohol Ink Pearls (Tranquil, Sublime and Intrigue)

Words: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

ID: Moments Are the Magic Bits
Size: 9:w x 6.5"h

This one done with the Nikko G pointed pen nib and my mix of Copic White Opaque mixed with water.

The alcohol background done same as above using (Splendor, Smolder and Celestial)

Words: Moments are the Magic Bits in between time that you can only find with someone special.

ID: The Peacock Has A Score
Size: 9"w x 7"h

This was the last piece I did in class. Letters written between wavy and straight lines. Again using my pointed pen nib and my Copic mix.

Words: The Peacock has a score of eyes with which he cannot se. The cod-fish has a silent sound however that may be; No dandelions tell the time although they tell time. Cat's cradle does not hold the ct nor foxglove fit the fox. Christina Rossetti

and of course an error in this quote as well SIGH!!!

Should be: No dandelions tell the time although they turn to clocks


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