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Created: April 26, 2019

I took a 2 day workshop with Gemma Black Retro Deco (Rennie Mackintosh monoline style lettering) (April 24 &25, 2019). Loved it. Love when a teacher gives you a ton of ideas and techniques and also gives you the time to use them during class, so you don't forget what you've learned...


ID: Art Is The Flower
Size: 8"w x 2.25"h

The above piece was done with a .7 Bic pencil on Genoa bond paper. The thick's at the top, bottom or end of letters is not quite right. I was putting little diamond shapes rather than just increasing the thickness in those areas. I'm finally feeling more comfortable joining letters together as in "ART" and "Leaf". The rose is colored in Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils and paintbrush. Love making those deco type roses...

These are samples of a few different styles associated with Rennie Mackintosh. The one above is my favorite from these 3 styles. 

ID: And The Day Came
Size: each are 1.5"w x 7"h

I did the one on the left 1st using the Bic pencil. Then decided I wanted to try with the Sanford Noblot Ink pencil which is water soluble and misted the quote with water and let it do it's thing...


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