Scribbled Lives - Aug 2023

Created: August 3, 2023
Modified: September 2, 2023

This is the eight month of the new challenge for the Scribbled Lives Facebook group. Boy time is flying by...


ID: wk 31 - Summer
Size: 7.25"w x 8.25"h

On Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media paper using a Sharpie ultra fine point pen to outline everything. Painted with various watercolor brands.

I love this quote and it keeps popping into my head...

ID: Wk 32- B Nib - Be Bubbly
Size: 5"sq

As soon as I saw the theme of this week's challenge I wanted to create something with a lot of "B's" in it... and this popped into my head...

On Staples 110# cardstock wrote out the words with a B2 nib (it has a round tip).using various colors of watercolor, interlocking each letter to let it meld with each other. Painted the circle leaving white space around each letter, then created the little bubbles with Prisma colored pencils.

words: Be Bubbly Not Blue


ID: wk 33 - Artists On Art - A True Artist
size: 7.5"w x 9"h

On Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media paper sprinkled all over with Brusho & Color Burst Powders (yellow, Scarlet, Violet, Sea Green, Ost Blue & Phtalo Green). Using an empty 3.8 Parallel pen dipped in water wrote out the letters, wiping my nib clean after EVERY stroke and re-dipping in water. When dry added graphite shading and blending with a paper stump.

words: A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others. Salvador Dali

ID: wk 34 - Moments Count - Corita Kent - Flowers
Size: 4.5"w x 6.5"h

I've never heard of this artist which isn't new, since I'm quite ignorant of most artists... When I looked her up it looks like she was in to graphic/poster style word with bold colors... See pic below for my 1st take on the subject which since done on black matboard, I didn't get a bold color for the flowers, hence my 2nd take on the topic... I love this one.

On Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media paper drew the design including the lettering, painted the flowers, then painted the black background, then added the white gel pen lines and used a Juice Up pen for the small text.

Quote: Flowers grow out of dark moments. Corita Kent

1st and 2nd takes...


ID: wk 35 - Little Joys - Figs
Size: 5.5" sq

There is nothing I love more than figs especially the green one (Adriatic Figs)... well maybe female lobsters... But these green figs are only available for a couple weeks here in Calgary... sigh!! so they top the list...

On Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media paper used Prisma colored pencils to draw the figs. A Juice Up pen for the lettering.

words: A great fig should look like it's about the burst its skin, when squeezed lightly it should give a little and spring back. I must be unctuously sweet, soft and wet. Yofam Ottolenghi


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