Calf Vellum Prime

unframed Image: 4" w X 6"h 
Matted: not applicable
Vellum piece: 2.25"w x 3"h

Created: October 7, 2010
Modified: October 8, 2010

I took a two day class with Georgia Angelopoulos - A Passage in Parchment. What a fabulous class. This is one of the little pieces I created in class and uses the mounting technique taught in class. It uses slivers of the same skin, slits cut into mat board and slivers brought to back and adhered. Makes a nice neat mounting. To see the first piece I did, click HERE

This is another piece that I stopped after just the sanding (Norton's 400). No Sandarac.

I used gum ammoniac this time. First time using it and only put one layer of size down. Had white spots showing through so put more size and another layer of 23K Gold Leaf - Red. Made it a bit blotchy so tooled the P with a fine tipped stylus which camouflaged it nicely. Used a crow quill nib to do the swirls and lettering with Daniel Smith watercolors.


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