Calf Vellum Bloom

Framed Image: 8" w X 12"h 
Vellum piece only: 2.75"w x 5"h
Threaded to Black piece: 4.25"w x 8.25"h

Created: October 7, 2010
Modified: October 8, 2010

I took a two day class with Georgia Angelopoulos - A Passage in Parchment. What a fabulous class. This is one of the little pieces I created in class and have since mounted and framed it. To see the 2nd piece I did in class click HERE

Working with vellum is a labour in love... Although getting skins that are mostly prepared for calligraphic use definitely lessens the work, but there is still sanding and other preparations to do.  I stopped after the sanding, since I knew I was going to paint and gild. Had I wanted to do something more calligraphic, I would have continued to pouncing with Sandarac, brushing it off, maybe burnishing with a piece of silk.

Although painting should be done after the gilding (so the leaf doesn't stick to your paint), I did mine prior gilding - lesson learned. I painted with Daniel Smith watercolors. I'm not that keen on using egg yolk mixed with paint (tempura), so just went with regular paint.

I applied Robertson's Water Gold Size, twice, first layer dried within 10 minutes (I live in Alberta) the second layer I let dry probably about an hour while Georgia was teaching us other stuff. I then BREATH'd on it and lay down my 23-3/4K warm gold leaf. I tooled it with a fine tip stylus.



Wrote my word Bloom" with a Crow Quill nib and watercolor. I used my Big Bite Crop a Dile to punch holes in both my Vellum and black cardstock, then threaded my Mizuhiki cord through both layers. I thought that would be an creative and interesting way to attach my vellum without actually gluing it down. I then adhered the black cardstock to a thicker black cardstock, applied glue on the edges using an Essentials Glue pad and more of the warm gold. I adhered these layers to a very textured black mat board (sorry can't remember the name of it) using 3D adhesive squares. I made a shadow box type mounting in a regular frame by cutting strips of foam core and painting them black, and adhering them to the textured mat board. It gave breathing room for the vellum and Mizhuki cord. The frame is a mat black metal.


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