BVCG - February 2021 Lettering Challenge - Week 4

Created: February 12, 2021

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. Continuing on with using fonts onLine that I love and then translating them into calligraphic hands.

All are done on various cardstock. 


Day 22: Reservoir
Size 3.75"h x 6"w"

Black and red Zig Writers in an unknown font




Day 23: Slant
Size: 3.75"h x 6"w

Red Zig Writer and a black brush pen in "Gallery" font by Linda Munt


Day 24: Terminal
Size: 3.75"h x 6"w

Pointed pen with Sumi ink in an unknown font



Day 25: Upstroke
Size: 3.75"h x 6"w

Pointed pen and Sumi ink and Red Color Brush in another unknown font. 


Day 26: Vellum
Size: 3.75"h x 6"w

Zig Writer in "Farewell Eternity" font by Jo Claire Hall. Colored pencil shading





Day 27: Weight
Size: 3.75"h x 6"w

Pointed pen and Sumi ink in "Decolot" font by Olga Ryzchenko





Day 28: X-Height
Size: 3.75"h x 6"w

6.0 Parallel pen and Sumi ink in "MCF Perum" font by Audrey Chernevich. Gold gel pen shadow


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