BVCG - February 2021 Lettering Challenge - Week 1

Created: January 2021

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. Since I've just taken a ZOOM class with Julie Wildman "Handwritmic Ruling Pen" using Brody Neuenschwander's ruling pen, I thought I'd practice using it a bit... BIG GRIN.

All are done on Canson Colorline white cardstock using Holbien gouache (Burnt Umber mixed with Pearl Copper) and Schmincke Rich Gold powder. Outlines and design elements done with pointed pen and Holbien's Flame Red gouache.


Day 1: Hello February
Size 3"h x 4.5"w"

I shortened the word.




Day 2: Ascender
Size: 3.75"h x 5"w


Day 3: Baseline
Size: 3"h x 5.5"w



Day 4: Crossbar
Size: 3"h x 5.5"w


Day 5: Descender
Size: 3"h x 5"w





Day 6: Exemplar
Size: 3"h x 5.5"w





Day 7: Flourish
Size:3"h x 6"w


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