BVCG - March 2020 Lettering Challenge - Week 2

Created: March 4, 2020
Modified: March 5, 2020

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. 

All these words were done on Canson Biggie watercolor paper (smoother side).


ID: Hansa Yellow
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

I laid circles of Winsor &Newton yellow's and let dry. Wrote the word in my Funky Neuland style with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink.

ID: Imperial Purple
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Lay steaks of Winsor &Newton purple  Used a white gel pen to write my funky monoline text.


ID: Jadeite
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Drew the Jade stone and painted with Winsor and Newton watercolors. 

Lettering with a 6.0 Parallel pen and the same watercolors. Shadowed with a pointed pen and a darker green.


ID: Kingman Green Turquoise
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Painted my turquoise stones with Winsor and Newton watercolors.

Lettering with a pointed pen in a Bookhand style with the same watercolors. 


ID: Lapis Lazuli
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Painted the stone with Winsor and Newton watercolors. Graphite shadow.

Lettering with a Zebra G pointed pen nib in a script writing... I'm still practicing that style.


ID: Mayan Orange
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Used my Dreaming Dogs "Leeloo" and Winsor and Newton orange for the lettering. Pointed pen for the word "Mayan". Graphite shading.




ID: Neon Green
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Lay down Winsor and Newton green as a border then connected the border with the lettering done with a pointed nib.

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