BVCG - March 2020 Lettering Challenge - Week 3

Created: March 9, 2020

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. 

All these words were done on Canson Biggie watercolor paper (smoother side).


ID: Opera Pink
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

On thick black cardstock, using a Zebra G pointed pen nib wrote out the word. I Love Holbein's Opera Pink and I have it in both watercolor and Gouache. It's my favorite pink...

I picked up some pink gouache and then dipped into Bleed Proof white to do the doodling. It allowed the pink to pop. It's much brighter in real life...

ID: Pyrrol Orange
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Wrote out the words in one of my funky styles with a Zig Writer on white cardstock, then painted with a mix of watercolors to get the orange I wanted. Added a bit of graphite shading.


ID: Quinacridone Coral
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Again mixed my watercolors to get a coral shade and wrote out the letters (as seen on Waltzing Matilda) on white cardstock. I love this style of lettering.


ID: Ruby
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Painted my ruby with Winsor and Newton watercolors on Canson Biggie c/p watercolor paper..

Lettering with a Parallel pen and the red paint. Added graphite shading and white gel detail.


ID: Sapphire
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

I looked up sapphires and found an image of a giant Star Sapphire, so used that as my inspiration. Painted the with Winsor and Newton watercolors on Canson Biggie c/p watercolor paper...

Lettering with a Zebra G pointed pen nib in a funky monoline writing... 


ID: Terra Cotta
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

Painted the terra cotta pots with a mixed bunch of Winsor and Newton colors on Canson Biggie c/p watercolor paper.

Wrote my words in Blackletter style.




ID: Ultramarine
Size: 4.75"w x 4"h

The capital "U" is a Kersal style capital. The monoline letters are something I designed to go with the Kersal letter. The cap painted with Winsor and Newton Ultramarine blue. the rest is colored with Prisma colored pencils and a Lyra Splendor Blendor on white cardstock.

PS you can find the exemplars HERE

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