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I belong to a Yahoo Group called ByHandArtists, moderator is Suzanne Cannon from Quietfire Design. She has wonderful products on her website store, publishes an online newsletter and is a wonderful teacher in bookbinding and calligraphy. She started a weekly challenge at the end of 2007, and images get posted to a blog CreatedByHandChallenge.Wordpress.com

And here we are again with a new gallery for 201. You will find the links below for previous galleries.  We are asked to create anything we like (ATC's, 4 x 4's, inchies, etc etc.) using the challenge of that week.

Most of this work is not for sale (except for some greeting cards). It is only for sharing my love of paper arts.

Enjoy browsing

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Date: Jan 3, 2012
Theme: Layer Dies
A Book



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