Alcohol Ink on Clear Plastic (November 2009)

Created: November 7, 2009

Modified: Nov 13, 2009

I've been doing quite a bit of playing with alcohol inks and loving it. I recently picked up a pad of clear craft plastic and doing my alcohol treatment son that. Love the results. And I can see my calligraphy behind the designs, so have been using it for cards too.

I used Adirondack inks (Pitch Black, Red Pepper, Gold Mixative) for the first batch & (Sailboat Blue, Raspberry, Willow, Shell Pink) for the 2nd batch and Blender Solution.

I randomly dropped colors onto my plastic, sometimes adding more colors right away, sometimes waiting for it to almost become dry before adding color or solution. To get a lot of the detail stuff, I used a "miniscule" pointy paintbrush and just dropped the color or solution o the tip, and very gently touched whatever surface I wanted something happening to it.

Wrote my sentiments with a black micron pen on white cardstock, trying to keep in the areas that the writing would show through the alcohol design. In some cases I used a bit of blending solution and the paintbrush to remove some of the intensity of color in that area. PS the the alcohol treatment is face down with the shiny side of the plastic face up. I glued the plastic down using Diamond Glaze and when dry, added a brad, then mounted them to coordinating cardstocks.


ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Two Souls

ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Melt Down

ID: Alcohol Ink - Be You


ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Believe in Yourself

ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Life Begins

ID: Alcohol Ink - Impossible (unavailable)

ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Escape (unavailable)

ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Locking Lips

The image below the words, reminded me of some Angelfish kissing. Don't ask!!

ID: Alcohol Ink - Randomness

ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Your Eye (unavailable)

ID: ID: Alcohol Ink - Burst of Joy (unavailable)

ID: Alcohol Ink - Nothing to Say

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